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The island of certainty in changing world
Welcome on board of SEAFOOD EXPO EURASIA - the first international exhibition for fishery, processing and aquaculture. It’s been long since we planned to organize this event and in 2022 we decided that our time has come.

SEAFOOD EXPO EURASIA is a new event for communication between people involved in fishery business and spheres which are closely related to it. Aimed at bringing fresh thinking towards world fishery community the exhibition will unite fishery, aquaculture, processing, shipbuilding, logistic & packaging companies in Istanbul in the heart of the world.
The island of certainty in changing world
Why we start now?

For the last couples of years, the world has faced unprecedented challenges first due to covid-19 and later to the global trade changes as an aftermath of tension in international relations. Business community same as events have to adopt the new reality.

There are several centers of attraction in the world which gather biggest fishing enterprises together. But ongoing turbulence makes it impossible for some regions to be fully represented on the usual platforms which makes these events no more global.

Held in Istanbul, in the city at the crossroads of two continents, Seafood Expo Eurasia is designed to unite the countries of Europe and Asia, Africa and Latin America at the most convenient point for everyone.

What differs us from the others?

Usually old fairs are being esteemed for their expertise and knowledge which they derived for the long history of their brands. While the advantage of brand-new events is a fresh thinking and unblurred look towards the problems of certain community. Unlike other young companies we are both. Our team consist of people with wide experience in organizing B2B events and those who used to work in diverse spheres of fishery business.

We believe the communication is a key of overcoming a lot of challenges of modern world. That’s why during our events we promote the principle “business beyond politics” and welcome people from all regions and countries. We want to build a strong community around our exhibition which cares about fishery and wants it to be sustainable, ecologically- friendly, rational and beneficial for both human and nature.

Welcome to join the new event – a space filled with positive business spirit!
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