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May 15, 2024 (DAY 1)
May 16, 2024 (DAY 2)
Official opening ceremony and tour of the exhibition

An invitation to take part is extended to event organizers and participants, representatives of official bodies, foreign delegations, international and local media

Business Session ‘Türkiye Seafood Market’

Türkiye's geographical position, surrounded by seas, as well as its developed aquaculture sector, makes the country one of the key suppliers of fish and seafood in the region. Together with the advantageous location as comfortable logistics hub, it empowers the country to boost exports of its own fish production and unleash the interest of both suppliers and consumers to include the country into their supply chain.

During the business session, it is planned to discuss the current situation in the fish and seafood market of the Republic of Türkiye, the country’s export potential, the sufficiency of own fish resources and import needs.


  • • Kemal Cem Pülten, Editor-in-Chief, Aqua Life of Türkiye Broadcast Group


  • • Dr. Buket Yazıcıoğlu Altıntas, Secretary General, Central Union of Aquaculture Producers
    Development of aquaculture industry in Turkiye
  • • Kemal Cem Pülten, Editor-in-Chief, Aqua Life of Türkiye Broadcast Group
    Marketing of aquaculture products and the importance of processed packaged value-added products in the domestic market and exports
  • • Necip Murat Şahin, Head of Working Group for Marine Fish Farming, General Directorate for Fisheries and Aquaculture, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
    Current Situation and Future Projection of the Aquaculture Sector in Türkiye
  • • Erdoğan Kartal, Board Member, Istanbul Region Fisheries Cooperatives Association
  • • Deniz Petekkaya, Foreign Trade Coordinator, Board Member, Farmavet International
    Positive Effects of Nanotechnological and Functional Feed Additives on Fish and Shrimp Farms
  • • Kartal Akkaya, General Director, Pruva Su Ürünleri Yatırım Danışmanlık
    Breeding of catfish (Siluris glanis) and sturgeon (Acipenser) in inland waters in net cages
Regional Business Presentation “Chile Seafood Industry”

The main purpose of the Chile presentation is to provide participants with a general overview of Chile and to give them a basic understanding of the Chilean seafood sector. To achieve this goal, the presentation will begin by providing information on Chile's macroeconomic data and the strengths of the country as a trading partner. Following this, the presentation will cover bilateral trade between Chile and Türkiye, and provide information on Chile's seafood sector and its export offer within this sector. Finally, the presentation will conclude by sharing general information about the steps and actions taken towards sustainability in the seafood sector in Chile.

Regional Business Presentation “Ecuador´s aquaculture and fisheries industry overview”

An analysis of the aquaculture and fisheries sector of Ecuador, main exportable products, largest actors and business associations, international partners and trade markets, exports figures on volume & value within the recent years.

Regional Business Presentation “Peruvian Seafood Market” (ONLINE)

Peru is one of the biggest seafood suppliers. In this presentation you will get information about the general offer of Peru and the recent trends on the Peruvian market, such as the effect of El Nino and the latest news.

Promperu is Peru's Export and Tourism Promotion Agency, subordinate to the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (MINCETUR). It promotes Peruvian export, Peru as a tourist destination and investment projects.

Business Presentation of North-West Fishing Consortium (NWFC) “Exploring Sustainable Synergy: Navigating Fishery Industry Challenges via Strategic Partnerships at NWFC”
  • • Sustainable fishing practices: the importance of protecting marine ecosystems;
  • • Responsible sourcing - why obtaining MSC certification is crucial for NWFC;
  • • Community engagement: the importance of building partnerships with local communities in the coastal areas;
  • • Market partnership commitment: how limited distributors strategy contributes to the market;
  • • New opportunities: our plans for development and how you can become our long-term partner.
Regional Business Session ‘Africa Seafood Market’

Transformations in established supply chains have compelled African countries to seek new suppliers for fish and seafood, leading to a shift in the range of supplies. While mackerel, blue whiting, herring, and other pelagic species continue to dominate consumption, notable increases in the import of cod and other white fish have been observed this year. These changes open up new avenues for fisheries interested in exploring fresh markets.


  • • Mr. Abdelmalek Faraj, President of RAFISMER (Network of Fisheries Research and Marine Sciences Institutes);
  • • Ms. Majida Maarouf, The President of RAFAQUA (African Network of Institutions Responsible for the Development and Promotion of Aquaculture).
Business Presentation “Somali Fishing Investment Opportunities”

Somali Chamber of Commerce is the voice and representative of Somali business in Turkey. Comprised over 100 Somali registered companies in Turkey.

The Somali fishing sector has the potential to provide sustainable coastal livelihoods through employment opportunities that support community resilience.

Business Presentation of Aqua Manager “AquaManager's BlueIoT: The Next Generation Solution for Optimizing Fish Farming Operations”

In our upcoming product presentation, we will embark on a journey through AquaManager's innovative solutions, beginning with our renowned management software for aquaculture.

This software has long been at the forefront of empowering aquaculture operations with streamlined management capabilities.

We'll delve deeper into the realm of smart equipment, where real-time IoT monitoring and connected devices revolutionize the way we interact with our aquatic environments. Picture a world where everything around us communicates seamlessly and automatically, effortlessly managed through software networks. From monitoring devices to managing data streams and even overseeing living organisms, our smart equipment sets new standards in efficiency and precision.

However, our spotlight will shine brightest on our latest creation: BlueIoT. This groundbreaking platform is designed to elevate aquaculture farming to unprecedented levels of insight and control.

By harnessing in situ data, connected devices, and production management systems, BlueIoT empowers farms to monitor their fish environments with unparalleled precision.

With BlueIoT's intuitive user interface, visualizations of key parameters, and live-streaming capabilities from our integrated cameras, aquaculture professionals gain unprecedented visibility into their operations.

Join us as we unveil BlueIoT, where technology meets sustainability, and aquaculture enters a new era of innovation.

Business Presentation “Dibaq aquaculture, the secret of a company with more than 75 years of history”

Our nutrition programs and solutions are the result of high-quality, sustainable raw materials, a commitment to the most innovative technology and processes, and safe and controlled production. Furthermore, as a dynamic company that is committed to the future, we have always devoted a significant part of our resources to research and development, seeking continuous improvement. Our goal to provide feed and services adapted to each species, according to their needs, characteristics and living conditions.

Business Presentation of KAPRI “Refined Fish Oils in Fish Feed Production” Advantages of using purified fish oils in aquaculture feed production

Kapri is a producer of purified Omega-3 fish oils

Our 2 production sites have annual capacity of 6000 tons of purified oil for pharmaceutical purposes, pet foods, fish feed production

Kapri oils means:

  • • 100% natural product from wild-catch fish;
  • • High EPA & DHA content;
  • • Excellent oxidation parameters & great organoleptics;
  • • Free from pollutants, PCBs and heavy metals.
Business Presentation of Volga-Dnepr “Seafood logistics powered by own fleet of freighters and 30+ years of experience”

For more than 15 years, Volga-Dnepr has been delivering fish and seafood to various countries and regions in line with international standards, with special attention being paid to temperature control at each stage of transportation. International experience, competencies, knowledge, powered by our own fleet of freighters and refrigerated semi-trailers allow us to offer effective multimodal solutions for the delivery of fresh fish, live crabs, and other seafood products from fishing companies to retail and restaurant business. The Company pays particular attention to guarantee supply chain integrity for the customers, eliminating losses due to shelf-life limitations and inventory write-offs.

Ekaterina Gritsenko
Ekaterina Gritsenko
Business Program Advisor