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Seafood Expo Eurasia Team Talk

We try to acquaint you with the main trends in the fishing industry and its infrastructure, tell you about the principles of Seafood Expo Eurasia and the tasks that it will help solve.

But some questions can only be answered personally. We have collected for you a selection of the most frequently asked questions from our customers and the answers of our team. We also hope that this will help you get to know us better.

Seafood Expo Eurasia Team Talk

Ever wondered why choose a new exhibition over larger and well-known fishery industry events? 

The answer from Anna Shelkova, Show Director and the force driving Seafood Expo Eurasia's success. Anna plays a vital role in shaping exhibition's brand, vision and ensuring the best service for our valued customers:

"Participating at Seafood Expo Eurasia offers a fresh opportunity to break free from exhibitions' routine and forge new business connections. While larger events may only introduce you to familiar faces, our global platform connects with big industry players and hidden gems in fishery". 

Curious to know if Seafood Expo Eurasia meets the needs of diverse fishery-related spheres, beyond catching or trading? 

The answer from Bek Hakim, our Sales Manager, who plays a crucial role in building long-term relationships with customers and contributing to the overall success of our exhibitors:

“Absolute truth, our exhibition is equally suitable for companies which have direct relation to the fishery industry like catching & processing, aquaculture, product distribution as well as other spheres like ship equipment and components, packaging, refrigerating systems, logistics and IT solutions. Providing fishermen with stable and comfortable infrastructure plays a crucial role in the industry well-being that’s why we dedicate to it almost half of the exposition". 

Thinking about how to stay ahead of the competition? 

The answer from Dinara Botskina, the passionate Sales Manager at Seafood Expo Eurasia, driving customer success through strategic guidance and personalized support:

"Although having a solid financial plan is crucial, delaying could mean losing out on the best exhibition spots to your competitors. Anyway, I recommend to participate still gaining benefits from networking and seizing the opportunity to plan ahead and secure your presence as an exhibitor next year."

Did you think Seafood Expo Eurasia is just a local Turkish event? 

The answer from Mert Avan, our tireless Communication Manager, committed to build long-term relationships with participants and media:

"It's important to know Seafood Expo Eurasia isn't limited to Turkey. We welcome leading fishery companies from 120+ countries globally. Yanmar (Japan), aquaManager (Greece), Aquatic Union Production and Trade Union (Iran) will present their advanced technologies and services at the exhibition."
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