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Seafood Expo Eurasia Business Program: from Global Trends to Local Solutions

Seafood Expo Eurasia will present an extensive program addressing the primary challenges and opportunities in the global seafood industry. Designed with a business focus, it aims not only to discuss worldwide fisheries main issues but also to find common solutions that consider the regional specificities of different markets.

Seafood Expo Eurasia Business Program: from Global Trends to Local Solutions

Despite global trends, each market has distinctive features crucial for achieving global sustainable development. This is the reason organizers have decided to supplement the program with events dedicated separately to the markets of Türkiye, Eurasia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East.

Simultaneously, the program's focal points will center around sessions on the Blue Transformation, sustainable fishing practices, and the traceability of fish products. The current version of the business program is available on the official event website.

To foster an inclusive and meaningful discussion, the organizers invite official bodies, professional and trade associations, business and scientific structures, as well as industry media, to participate in the business program events and contribute to shaping its agenda. 

We eagerly welcome your proposals and will be happy to answer your questions. For inquiries, please contact Business Program Advisor Ekaterina Gritsenko at

Participation in business program events is free and open to all registered visitors and participants. 

Stay informed about updates to the business program by following Seafood Expo Eurasia news on the event website and social media channels.

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