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Fish for life
Why is fish so important? It’s not hard to explain

The role of fish in human life is difficult to overestimate. Fish is the most important source of human nutrition. In terms of its chemical composition it is only slightly inferior to the meat of domestic animals, while in terms of the content of minerals, vitamins and the degree of digestibility of proteins fish even surpasses meat.

Wastes from fish processing are used to feed farm animals, fur animals and in aquaculture for the fish feed production.

Fish purify water and is of great importance for all aquatic ecosystems as part of the food chain. By feeding, fish regulate the number of aquatic organisms and at the same time fish itself is a source of food for many fish-eating animals.

Fish for life
Fish is a source of valuable raw materials for the manufacture of medicines and cosmetics, as well as an invaluable source of culinary masterpieces.

You can often find the image of fish in art as a diverse symbol, known for many centuries in various cultures.

Finally, it is difficult to overestimate the social significance of fish: fishing provides employment to millions of people in the world.

We are starting a series of publications under the general title Fish for life, in which we will talk about the role of fish and seafood in human life, about the trends and challenges faced by fishermen and consumers of fish products.

The section starts with an article about fish that provides employment. “Fish that gives the job” is coming soon.
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