African Markets Are Waiting for Seafood Expo Eurasia
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African Markets Are Waiting for Seafood Expo Eurasia

The sanction-related huge changes in the global fishing industry are opening up new opportunities to meet new challenges.

SEAFOOD EXPO EURASIA is one of them as a new event that aims to connect fishing companies and fishery-related communities from around the world and help them work more closely together.

African Markets Are Waiting for Seafood Expo Eurasia

The exhibition will be held in Istanbul on December 7-9 and will bring together participants from Europe and Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Countries on the African Atlantic coast are showing particular interest in the event, whose representatives plan to visit the exhibition to search for both new suppliers and new species of fish and seafood.

There are good reasons for this. Fisheries production and seafood consumption in Africa have showed sustained growth over the past decade.

As a result, Africa's annual fish imports have increased sixfold since 2000 and are valued at $6 billion now.

Fish and seafood make up around 30 percent of Africa's total overseas supply, with consumption dominated by mackerel, blue whiting, herring and other pelagic species.

But the consumption structure is changing now. 

In the first half of 2023, pollock fillets were supplied to Liberia, and frozen herring was exported to Liberia, Togo and Niger. None of these countries imported significant volumes of fish and seafood a year ago.

Moreover, fisheries experts believe the supply of fish and seafood to Africa can grow significantly in the coming years.

These ambitious figures may well become a reality, given the interest of African countries in inexpensive fish products offered by fisheries companies trying to increase exports of pollock, cod, catfish, haddock, perch, flounder and other whitefish. 

In addition, measures taken to support exports to least developed countries, including a number of countries on the African continent, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, can also play an important role in expanding cooperation between Africa and fishing industry leaders.

SEAFOOD EXPO EURASIA makes a new opportunity in order to realize the existing potential for expanding their presence in the African seafood market.

Inexpensive canned fish products can also become an impetus for expanding business cooperation with seafood buyers and producers in Africa in the context of a rapidly changing global fishing industry and seafood trade.

For the interaction of Seafood Expo Eurasia exhibitors with the authorities and businesses of African countries, an agreement on support was reached with COMHAFAT/ATLAFCO – the Ministerial Conference on Fisheries Cooperation among African States bordering the Atlantic Ocean.

Representatives of 22 countries, including Cameroon, Nigeria, Namibia, Congo, Senegal, and Morocco, are already preparing for a meeting with fisheries enterprises. Companies from Morocco will also take part in the exhibition as part of a joint stand.

Turkey can play a game in new fisheries cooperation by offering convenient infrastructure and the advantages of its geographical location.

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